Our team of motivated employees and volunteers wants to improve the standard and quality of life of children and women in the Dominican Republic.

We are academically trained psychologists and social workers who are supported by various co-workers in specific fields (e.g. music-, folklore-, pantomime teachers, doctors).

Currently we are able to continue our work thanks to local volunteers. We are also supported by two German volunteers every year for a period of 12 months.

  1. We facilitate them assistance in the following areas:
  1. Technically trained staff provides support and follow-up in the training and formation of employees
  2. Connect specialists with the institutions staff to promote and focus on specific areas of work and program objectives.
  3. Promote instruments and methods for every day communication and collaboration.
  4. Support every-day work processes
  5. Assist the design and development of processes and tools to achieve the program objectives.
  6. Issue processes and tools for the evaluation of all work spaces and in all levels.
  7. Coordinate regional and cross-regional activities of the staff.
  8. Implement innovative tools and methods to optimize the results of the transformation of the targets group standard and quality of life.
  9. Participate with and follow up on the coordination and evaluation of the staff.
  10. Give personal support and follow-up to every member of staff.
  11. Initiate tools for mediation and conflict resolution.
  12. Promote activities oriented on  creating and strengthening the identification with the insititutions values and work.
Fundación FUNDEBMUNI, Calle Padre Ayala 28, Centro San Cristóbal, República Dominicana